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Barbara Donnelly

Above picture is Barbara Donnelly and "Henry". Editor’s note: Barbara Donnelly is the only Secretary the Board of Directors has ever had. The following information comes from some of the first minutes she wrote.

The original Articles of Incorporation are dated March 13, 1987, but the concept was developed over a period of time before that. It all began at a Redeemer Vestry retreat when three vestry members were appointed to a committee to research solutions to the homeless problem. Those members were Bob Kyllonen, Tom Younkman and Barbara Donnelly. After much research the idea of Resurrection House was born. The committee consulted especially with the Salvation Army to find out what needs were not being met by the Salvation Army at that time. The committee also found 5 other downtown churches who committed to being founding members.

The first Board of Directors consisted of: Robert P. Kyllonen, Rev. Jack L. Iker, (Church of the Redeemer), Rev. J. Ted Hunniford, Jr., (Grace Fellowship), Rev. Robert A. Bew (Grace Fellowship), Rev. Rick L. Cornwell, (First United Methodist Church), Billie J. Hord, Thomas D. Younkman, Tozier Brown, Barbara Donnelly and William H. Lewis. The first officers were:

President: Rev. Jack L. Iker

Vice President of Facilities: Thomas Younkman

Vice President of Programs: Billie J. Hord

Secretary: Barbara Donnelly

Treasurer: William H. Lewis

Artwork courtesy of renowned Sarasota artist Richard Capes

Above is the artwork of renowned Sarasota artist Richard Capes.

When applying to the Zoning Dept., Mr. Kyllonen said that “The basic purpose of the shelter is to provide a place for the city’s homeless to rest during the day - a shelter with restroom facilities, a place to shower and shave, recreation such as books and magazines, use of a telephone for local calls, help in locating work for those so inclined, and a free laundry service.

The first physical location for Resurrection House was in the Salvation Army facility on 4th Street in downtown Sarasota. There was one room plus an outdoor space for a washer and a dryer.

On January 15, 1994, Resurrection House moved to its current location at 507 Kumquat Court. In 1925, the property started as five separate businesses and was rebuilt in the 40’s as a single stand-alone building.

Under Barbara - Barbara Donnelly and "Henry". Under building = Artwork courtesy of rnowned Sarasota artist Richard Capes.