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Producing an Annual Report forces one to think back to the most significant events of the prior year. It has also allowed me to review articles in the newsletters that I have written in the past 7+ years.

As with every organization, there is always going to be changes—whether the changes are large or small. I like to characterize my time at Resurrection House as gradual changes. Of primary interest to me is the endowment for the first time topping the $1,000,000 plateau.

When interviewing for the opening of Director of Development, I can still remember the search committee members stressing the importance of growing the Endowment. That was equally important to me, knowing that a healthy endowment gives the organization stability and the opportunity to make needed changes very quickly without having to raise additional funding.

This report is a tribute to the individuals who make all this possible—our volunteers. As a volunteer retires or takes a six month visit to the north, it is amazing to watch as another new volunteer will appear to make sure the work gets done. The dedication of our 180+ active volunteers to help those individuals less fortunate is a renewal of our faith in the human spirit.

In addition, the generosity and compassion shown to the Resurrection House with each donation we receive is critical to helping us continue to provide our clients the services they so desperately need. Taking no public funds, it is the individuals, foundations and religious entities that form the core of our ability to give back to those most in need.

Miracles happen at Resurrection House. Lives are restored and people are given a sense of hope and support found in few other places.


Thanks to the dedication of almost one-hundred eighty Resurrection House Volunteers the many services rendered to over 3,000 Resurrection House homeless clients every year are faithfully monitored and recorded by a highly specialized team of Data Entry wizards. These individuals rarely miss a move on the part of our Volunteers -- who help homeless clients in many different ways. Fortunately, these trackers record each and every service so other counselors, or volunteers can refer back to earlier visits to determine exactly what help was provided. Every service, and all materials are all recorded – including meals, clothing, transportation, bicycles and other supplies. This Annual Report, in fact, is the product of all this information data.